New Mail Gateway

We will be configuring a mail gateway this evening for all of the original reseller servers to reduce the load problems caused by Exim. The gateway will have MailScanner running to prevent spam and viruses from your inbox. We will have a default SpamAssassin configuration setup as well which means SpamAssassin and Boxtrapper will be disabled on the servers.

Basically the way the gateway will work is as follows: IN MX 0

All incoming mail on your domain will go through the gateway before it even hits the server so it can be scanned and cleaned if needed.

Once the mail is marked as a good message it will be routed to your inbox.

Incoming Email -> Gateway -> Your Inbox
Outgoing Email -> Gateway -> Remote Mail Server

This will also allow us to cut down blacklistings as all outgoing mail gets scanned for spam as well. It makes it very easy to track down spammers and stop spam before it even hits the remote mail servers so the server does not get blacklisted.

We expect to have this live within the next 48-72 hours. We will be testing with the Pluto server.