HostNine Launches First Ever Globalized Web Hosting Using Reseller Central

Web Hosting Resellers can now manage all their domains across multiple cPanel servers using one interface.

Jupiter, FL (PRWEB) August 9, 2007 — HostNine LLC, the leading shared web hosting company launches Reseller Central, the first ever interface where resellers can manage all their domains across multiple cPanel servers around the world. Resellers no longer have to purchase multiple accounts with multiple companies to delegate their domains across different servers. Reseller Central was designed from the ground up by the HostNine team and replaces the WHM control panel completely.

Customers can host their domains in locations around the globe including London, Australia, Ireland, California, Chicago, Cedar Falls, Texas, Virginia, New York, Florida, and more. Resellers can choose from any of the available cities when adding domains in the control panel. “We have spent the last six months developing a solution that will allow our customers the freedom to host all their domains from one centralized interface without having to login to multiple control panels,” said Ben Gabler, Director of Operations at HostNine.

Gabler coined the phrase “Globalized Web Hosting” as a way to describe the new HostNine service. Customers using Reseller Central can host their sites in London and the US or any combination of cities throughout the world using HostNine’s centralized management platform. “If a reseller wants to host all of their accounts in Chicago, there are so many nodes in each location the chances of them ending up on the same node in the same location are slim to none,” said Gabler. That way if there is an outage on a node it does not affect the reseller’s entire account, only the domains delegated to that node. Reseller Central acts as a centralized management layer on top of an infinite amount of servers distributed throughout data centers around the globe. HostNine can add additional nodes to any location at any time.

Reseller Central lets resellers spread their accounts across multiple servers, networks, and locations. “Some of the biggest challenges facing resellers today is finding a service that will provide superior uptime and reliability,” said Gabler. By using Reseller Central, HostNine can significantly decrease the maximum number of accounts on a single server. Doing so results in faster response times, quicker connections world-wide, and lower CPU and Memory usage on the server.

Reseller Central completely changes the concept of web hosting and reliability all together. With DNS clustered all around the world, and hard drives replicating twenty-four hours a day, maintaining near 100% uptime is now a reality.

About HostNine:

HostNine LLC has quickly become a leading web hosting company. Founded in 2006 by hosting industry veterans, HostNine has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to build the most reliable company in the industry. HostNine consistently delivers innovative technology and solutions across its multiple products and services including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting. The Jupiter, FL based company utilizes 100% Dell PowerEdge servers and boasts the fastest support response times in the industry 24/7/365.

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