HostingCon Results

So things are finally back to normal for me after an AMAZING convention in Chicago. Alex and I were lucky enough to meet 90% of the FastServers.NET team and man was it fun. From meetings, and cruises to Chicago Style Pizza we had a blast. We pretty much hang with the same group of the industry leading individuals that attend these events. Some but not limited to would be Aaron and Shane of FastServers.NET, Ben Welch of WebHostingUnleashed/ResellerGuide, Sean and Dan from ModernBill/dNzoom, Steven from Insider Hosting and brother Brandon, Dave and Eric from cPanel, Tito of Microsoft, Todd of SwSoft, the crazy Devin and Jeremy from PingZine!, Dave and Sean of TouchSupport, Carlos and Jess of Applied Innovations, Hal from Netwisp, Matt from WebHostingBuzz, and new friends Amy of Lunarpages, Ben from TechPad Agency, Michael from Webhostingstuff, man we met so many people in Chicago it’s hard to list them all. We even had the chance to meet a few of our reseller customers which was great! It really gave us a good perspective of our our customers view our company and operations which is always a good thing in my eyes.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s HostingCon I highly recommend attending next year. Word has it that it will be in the same place the Navy Pier in Chicago (Wonderful area). This show just keeps getting better and better every year.Definitely wouldn’t miss it for the world.

This year Day 1 was mostly traveling and getting situated so night 1 consisted of drinks with the fastservers team when we landed then we attended the networking reception outside the convention hall which was really nice.

Day 2 was the first day the exhibit hall was officially open so that consisted of a lot of networking with various vendors (Lots of great new things on the way for H9ers!). We also had some really neat postcards (I’ll post those at the bottom) we were handing out at the fastservers booth which were a big hit. So after a day of hard work 😉 the night came and we headed to the fastservers + tophosts networking cruise which was a huge hit. Three hours of relaxing industry talk on the lake was awesome. I was really blown away by the skyline in Chicago. After the cruise we all headed to a local bar “Leg Room” with the cPanel guys which was a ton of fun.

Day 3 was a ruff one after the long night on Day 2 so we pretty much took it easy most of the time on the convention floor. Around 6PM we headed to the rooftop BBQ after a meeting with modernbill and it was great. Live music with some of the leading individuals of the industry just relaxing. No phone calls, text messages, IM’s, just straight up relaxing which is what I think we all get to do about… once a year haha. Around 9PM or so the fireworks started which was really cool. Then we all headed back to the hotel and hung out with the FS.NET guys and got that Chicago Style Pizza ohhh yeah.

Day 4 I don’t really want to talk about because it consisted of horrible delays and traveling haha.

Well that pretty much sums it all up. I’ll leave you with some nice pictures of Chicago and of course a great picture of Alex and I on the Networking Cruise haha 🙂

Can you spot the H9?