Photos from Louisville: ModernBill Workshop Recap

Ben Gabler, our Operations Manager, was a speaker at the ModernBill Administrators’ Workshop in Louisville last week.

He and Sharon Koifman (far left), CEO of Empire Host, led a session on reseller hosting. Here they are with (left to right) Carlos Caneja, CTO of Applied Innovations, Dan Kimball and Sean Stafford from ModernBill, and Steven Mizrahie, the Head Honcho at both InsiderHosting and HTTPme.

After the first day of sessions, everyone headed over to The Pub at 4th Street Live. Here’s a picture of cPanel Swiss Army Knife (that’s his title; it says so on his card!) Eric Gregory (left) with Dave from ModernBill. They’re the reason why cPanel and ModernBill work so well together. Thanks, guys!!

And here are Ben and Sean with Devin White (far left) from PingZine. If you’re in the web hosting business, you might want to subscribe to PingZine.

As the conference was wrapping up, the ModernBill folks gave us a tour of their HQ. Check out the sign above their developers office. says two monitors can increase productivity by 20-30%. ModernBill’s developers get three. It’s no wonder they’re always announcing new features.

The event was a great chance to learn about our vendors’ development road maps (Microsoft, SWSoft, Ensim, and Enom were there, too) and network with ~100 other web hosting providers. Next month, we’re heading to Orlando for ISPCON, and Houston for the cPanel Training Seminar. If you’re planning to attend either event, please let us know!