Manchester Leads, Newcastle Beats Liverpool in HostNine Premiership

Last week Rob Mac pointed out that HostNine’s got customer all over the world, not just in the US. In particular, he mentioned the UK. Since then, 46 British resellers have joined us. You’re soooo right, Rob!!

From Portsmouth and Dover to Aberdeen and the Shetland Islands, our new resellers have got the UK covered. Manchester’s currently in the lead, just like they are in the Barclays Premiership. And while Newcastle trails Liverpool by 25 points football-wise, they’re 2 customers ahead in this week’s HostNine championship.

Of course, *everyone* wins when you sign up for a HostNine reseller plan. You get a great deal, not to mention free ModernBill, Fantastico and SiteBuilder. Your customers get super reliable hosting. And we get the opportunity to work with you – which really means a lot to us!