Lucifer and Gandhi, on a HostNine Server?

If you walked into HostNine’s office on any other day, the music you hear probably wouldn’t be a symphony. But this afternoon we came across composer and pianist David Sosnowski’s website. Since he’s a customer of ours, we thought we’d check out his MP3s. We really like The Realization of Light. And Piano Sonata #7. And Lucifer and Gandhi.

Writing music is hard work; David says each minute of The Emergence of Time took over 24 hours to compose! Listening to his recordings made us really proud that we’re able to play a tiny role in making his music available to his many fans.

David’s been with HostNine since January. He says he’d high recommend us to other musicians because of our “uptime, support, technical excellence and value”. Thanks, David!! 🙂