HostNine Welcomes Elite Kit!

Khalid Al-Khames, a serial entrepreneur, started a radio headsets store in 2006. Business kept expanding, as did his range of products. Soon his company became a one stop shop for the security and law enforcement industries: body armors, metal detectors, first ad kits… You name it, Earphones Direct had it.

Last month, Khalid decided to update his company’s brand name, and find a new hosting provider that can accommodate his growth. He spent hours and hours on his research, visiting many web hosting forums and review sites. The goal was to find a web host with “100% positive feedback” from its customers. As Khalid explains, security and law enforcement professionals are extra-selective about vendors they do business with. In order to build a solid reputation within his target market, he needs a super reliable website with maximum uptime.

Khalid’s new site, Elite Kit, was launched on March 25. Last week, he sent us a really nice email about HostNine’s excellent value, fantastic support, and our staff’s 24/7 availability. Thanks, Khalid; that’s what we’re here for! And congratulations on the new site!!

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