HostNine Rules, Says BlogPaul

HostNine got Twittered; how cool is that? BlogPaul calls HostNine the best host he’s ever had! Can you believe it??

Paul’s been developing websites since the early ’90s. Now he writes Networthless, a technology blog, SupDad, a parenting blog, and BlogPaul, of course. He’s also the guy behind the Two Cent Blog, where you, too, can chime in – about anything! And he made Twitterami, a neat tool that shows Twitter members’ locations on a map.

Paul says it’s about time that someone caters to his every need. And he doesn’t even have to take us to the movies or buy us presents. If you, like Paul, are a happy customer and you do want to send us gifts, our address is right here 🙂