Blogger vs WordPress: Daryl Lau Shares Insights

Daryl Lau is the author of five blogs (!), and he says he has ideas for many more. Some of the topics he writes about include World of Warcraft, Malaysian Cusine, and template design for Google’s Blogspot service, which he’s been using for quite some time.

We were very flattered when Daryl chose HostNine to host his first WordPress blog. How to Earn Money Blogging was launched less than a month ago, but Daryl’s already reviewed almost 60 tools, resources and monetization opportunities – including HostNine’s affiliate program 🙂

What made Daryl decide to give WordPress a try? He says he was attracted to the wide range of useful plug-ins. His favorites are auto Adsense, related posts, smart archive and Google Sitemap creator. It took some work to customize his new blog with the right template and feature set, but as Daryl puts it, the resulting functionality is “totally amazing”. Also importantly, he’s found that blogs with independent domains have access to many more revenue generating opportunities.

Daryl’s now considering the possibility of moving some of his Blogspot blogs over to WordPress – or maybe he’ll start a few new ones. In either case, he won’t pay a cent more for hosting. That’s because most of our hosting packages support unlimited domains!

PS – Do you use WordPress too? We’d love to hear what your blog’s about. If you don’t have a blog but are thinking about setting one up, we’re here to help. Our support team will gladly help sort out any issues you come across, any time!