Verizon Email Issues

There has been an issue lately with emails on cPanel servers running Exim + RBL Lookups (Blacklist Lookups) as Verizon lowered their sender_verify callback time to 15 seconds which is very low and since our servers run various checks against the blacklists such as spamcop it may take a bit longer than 15 seconds to respond to Verizon’s verification callout.

The good news is we may have found a solution for this which consists of adding a special SPF record to the DNS zone of the domains on our servers which we are currently testing. As soon as we have confirmed that this fixes the issue we will be adding it to the HostNine Knowledgebase so customers can update their DNS zones.

If you’re having these issues and wish to take part in the testing please create a support ticket at and we can add the SPF record to your DNS zone for you.